Marcus Asset Group uses its depth of experience in order to help you maximize your real estate assets. We are focused on action: We help lead clients through the process, rather than simply providing information. Below is an overview of the types of services we offer.

Skills as Consultant: MAG and team members

Planning for the Future

Deliver Better Returns

Diagnose and Fix Problems

  • Development Planning and Execution
  • Financial Structure and Optimization of the Capital Stack
  • Analysis of Development Trends to Inform Investment Strategies
  • Acquisition Execution
  • Execution of Retail and Management Strategies
  • Entitlement Execution
  • Litigation Support
  • Resolve issues related to TOPA (Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act) and Rent Control
  • Government Agency, and quasi Government Agency Relations

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Common characteristics of past and present development and investment activities of MAG and its team members include:

  • Public-private partnerships through an RFP process
  • Measured risk-high return investments
  • Complex scenarios for the redevelopment, repositioning and new construction of real estate assets.
  • Affordable housing, including D.C. tenant rights related development as a developer and as a consultant
  • Market-rate housing for rental apartments and for-sale condominiums
  • Urban retail in emerging markets
  • Mixed-use development
  • Social benefits sought in private and public/private development. Balance high return/luxury type property with affordable housing or other public benefits such as art, public space, farmer’s markets and integrating space for non-profit groups including creative writing centers and job training centers

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Ernie Marcus has been an Certified Appraiser in DC since 1983. Our background and experience in valuation is significant and broad based, having completed real property valuations pertaining to a wide range of property types across the region. Marcus Asset Group has earned the trust of our client base as the firm in our market capable of successfully completing the most complex appraisal assignments that the market has to offer.

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